regatta_2010This year, the Georgikon Faculty gave home for the rowing competition of the University of Pannonia, the Regatta, on 14th May, 2010 at Keszthely. The event was organized 12th time in the life of the university to strengthen the friendly relationship between and within the two campuses. Employees and students competed on 2000 ms in groups of women and men. The teams were made up by ten rowers and one arbiter. Though all but one, the competition of male students, was won by the campus of Veszprém, the rector, Ákos Rédey and the dean of the host faculty, Károly Dublecz emphasised the importance of the goal of the event and not the importance of winning. A thousand people visited the program to support the teams, and fortunately the weather was also graceful to the organizers and the competition took place in sunny weather.