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30 Days to Get a Job – The Challenge /free virtual event

[1]The 6th edition of the 30 Days to Get a Job – The Challenge has already over 20 000 subscribers, 7 Career Coaches participating, and tons of interactive content.

The aim of the event, as the title mentions, is to challenge candidates to land a job between the start of the event (October 4th) until its end (October 29th). This being said, we’ve partnered with many multinational companies providing exciting job opportunities across Europe, with the intent to maximise the job hunt’s effectiveness!

How does it work and how can you participate?

The only thing what you have to do, subscribe on this link for free >>> [2]

Additionally, you can take a look at some of the free webinars & workshops taking place during the event below:

Escape the corporate ladder & discover your dream career” – with Fiona Moss [3]
How to Organize your Job Search to Land Interviews Faster – with Matilda Patsou [4]
LinkedIn Networking Strategies to Approach Job Search as a Research Project – with Eli Bohemond [5]
Establishing Relevant Narratives: The Key To Effective Interviewing – with Eli Bohemond [6]
Personal Branding for Job Hunting During The Pandemic – with Evelina Vilke [7]