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Pannon Management Review Vol 2 Issue 2

pmr_3Read the latest issue of the Pannon Management Review, edited at the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pannonia.


Vastag, Gyula
Editorial: Evidence-based science

Lynch, Thomas
For-profit healthcare: a lesson from Canada

Martin, Roderick
Recipe for permanently failing organisations? Private provision in publicly funded healthcare

Lublóy, Ágnes
Managing the diffusion of pharmaceutical innovations: conclusions from a literature review

Martin, Roderick
Introducing business historian Howell John Harris

Harris, Howell John
‘The path I trod’: a portrait of the (business) historian as a young idiot

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Pannon Management Review Vol 2 Issue 1

PMRRead the latest issue of the Pannon Management Review, edited at the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pannonia.


Editorial: Management, universal and specific (but not at one and the same time)

King-Metters,Kathryn H.;Metters,Richard D.
What they know just ain’t so: what multinationals need to know about Chinese workers

Cartwright, Andrew
Knowing when it is time to go: managing rural decline in Central and Eastern Europe

Clarke, Alan
Value creation–creating values: contradictions and constraints in the development of religious tourism

Komlósi, Edit
The role of trait emotional intelligence in task and conceptual performance: the case of functional managers in the hotel industry

Lublóy, Ágnes; Vastag,Gyula
Albert-László Barabási’s quest for understanding influence: portrait of an introverted network(research)er

Pannon Management Review

Pannon Management ReviewWelcome to the first issue of the Pannon Management Review.

Pannon Management Review contributes to bridging scholarly management research and management practitioner thinking worldwide. In particular, Pannon Management Review broadens the existing links between Hungarian scholars and practitioners, on the one hand, and the wider international academic and business communities, on the other – the journal acts as an overall Central and Eastern European catalyst for the dissemination of international thinking, both scholarly and managerial. To this end, the articles published in Pannon Management Review reflect the extensive variety of interests, backgrounds, and levels of experience and expertise of its contributors, both scholars and practitioners – and seek to balance academic rigour with practical relevance in addressing issues of current managerial interest. The journal also encourages the publication of articles outside the often narrow disciplinary constraints of traditional academic journals, and offers young scholars publication opportunities in a supportive, nurturing editorial environment.

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