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Introducing the University of Derby, Buxton Campus


Extraordinary lessons by Leonard Cseh

Extraordinary lessons by Leaonard Cseh

Extraordinary lessons by Leaonard Cseh

Spring holiday

Fotó: CC 2.0 Deigi Sevilla Ruiz

Fotó: CC 2.0 Deigi Sevilla Ruiz

Enjoy the spring holidays!

The reason why I chose Hungary… – Kamile’s writting

Kamile Vaitiekute

Kamile Vaitiekute

Kamile Vaitiekute, ERASMUS student from Lithuania, shares why she has chosen Hungary and the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pannonia to study at.

“I chose Hungary and the University of Pannonia, because this country is in the middle of Europe, so my first thought was that I could travel a lot and reach many countries in the easiest way! The second decisive thing was that two of my friends from my university studied here before, so they recommended me to choose Hungary.
My experiences are really good here! Especially about the university! I really like it here, because it’s really different from my university in Lithuania. People and lecturers are really friendly, they help you any time! And the lessons are so interesting! And also there is a university lounge where students can relax comfortably. I’m really glad about my choice. I am thinking more and more about coming back here for further studies after my BA. I’m in love with Hungary!”

Written by Kamile Vaitiekute

Conference for Central European Heritage



The international conference for Central European Heritage – Cultural Development Possibilities in historical cities – will be organized between 11-13 April, 2014, by the KultUnio Foundation with the support of Visegrad Fund. In addition to the professional program the tourism and cultural supply of Budapest will be presented, within the framework of sightseeing tours, along with the accompanying event of a Cultural Fair organized in the heart of the city.


– Plenary talks

– The parallel sessions will provide a choice of presentations for the participants in three blocks:

– Integrated Regional Development and Tourism

– Cultural Urban Development, City Management, Trade

– Urban Economy, City Finance, Property Development, Property Investment

– Facultative programmes

Further information:

Date: 11-13 April, 2014

Venue: Budapest, Erzsébet tér, Akvárium Klub,

Fee for students: 500 HUF/day.


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