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Summer University Balaton

summer university balaton

Erasmus Faculty Exchange Programme

erasmus_logo178What do you have to know about the Erasmus Faculty Exchange Programme?

ERASMUS Faculty Exchange programme gives university lecturers the possibility to spend teaching periods abroad. Lecturers give generally short courses, as part of the official curriculum of a partner university in another European country.  These periods can last from 1 week up to 6 weeks (minimum 5 teaching hours), depending on the need and arrangement with the host institution.  Priority is given to candidates who participate for the first time in Erasmus Faculty Exchange. Only institutions which hold an Erasmus University Charter may send or receive an Erasmus faculty. There must be prior agreement between the universities concerned before a faculty can benefit from the Erasmus scheme. The participating faculty must be nationals of one of the countries participating in Erasmus program. The time spent in the host country is fully recognized by your home university.

Lecturing experiences in Rome

Professor Peter luspioMihályi, Head of the Department of Finance went to Italy, as an Erasmus exchange professor at the invitation of the LUSPIO university, located in Rome.   This took place between 4-11 May, 2013.

LUSPIO was founded in 1996 with the aim of offering degree courses that would meet the growing demand for professional graduates in the fields of interpreting, translation, economics and political science.  Professor Mihályi held three 3 hours lectures both to BA and MA students on different subjects ranging from comparative economics and the new financial theories of the present international financial crisis.

LUSPIO is interested to enhance cooperation with us, the University of Pannonia in several areas, but primarily in training Master students of tourism and catering.  One opportunity would be to send Hungarian students to Rome for a 1-2 month practical training, which would include paid work as well.

Lecturing at Fontys University

Lecturing at Fontys University

Lecturing at Fontys University

As part of the Erasmus lecturer mobility programme, with Annamária Sas Grósz, we were invited to give guest lectures at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven and also to prepare the floor for future mutual research and course development. In Eindhoven Professor Nus Waleson, the Dean of Fontys made us familiar with the university strategy and we also learnt the philosophy of THINK BIG (it is the motto of the university).

Annamária’s interactive seminar focused on consumer behaviour which fitted perfectly for students studying marketing and psychology. My lecture exploring the relation between emotional intelligence and performance gave students a different perspective of the role of human resource professionals and opened the opportunity to motivating thoughts.

We enjoyed the hospitality of Petra de Swart, who made it possible for us to meet and discuss issues with lecturers, researchers, students and staff. As an outcome we are planning to carry out two joint research works, encourage Erasmus student and staff exchange and seek to develop a joint course. Above all we will welcome one of the lecturers from Fontys in 2013 autumn.

Written by Edit Komlósi

Meet our international students from Poland!

Anna, Barbara and Agnieszka

Anna, Barbara and Agnieszka

Hi. We are students of Tourism and Recreation from Poland. Two of us – Anna and Barbara are studying in Szczecin, and Agnieszka is studying in Lublin. Tourism is our passion so that’s why we decided to stir check ourselves and move out for one semester to another country. It ‘is a great opportunity to connect learning, interests, our hobby and of course partying. Why we have we chosen Hungary? This country has a well-developed Tourism sector, not only because of its interesting history, but because of the amazing architectural heritages, traditions and cultures. Hungary magnetisesze a lot of people due to the fact that there are many thermal resorts, and tasteful cuisine with the famous goulash soup and wine. As a big asset offor Veszprém, is the fact that it is situated next to Lakethe Balaton lake. Another advantage is that Veszprém is near to three capitals: Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna. It ‘is an awesome opportunity to extend our horizons and travel a lot. Also Veszprém is very picturesque with a plenty of tourism attractions. Besides that we heard many good opinions about University of Pannonia from our friends who finished Erasmus here. So after this we were convinced and 100% sure that we will not won’t regret this decision. The most important thing about being on Erasmus is that you are meeting new people all the time and the atmosphere is so great. Everybody is very kind and friendly – our teachers, Hungarian students, members of ESN and of course other Erasmus students. Here in Veszprém we can truly understanood what “Magyar Lengyel két jó barát” means because we feel great and we are so happy to have a chance to be here. We wi’ll definitely recommend this place to our friends and of course you must all feel invited to Poland.

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