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III. Harsányi János Economic and Management Conference

III. Harsányi János Economic and Management Conference

III. Harsányi János Economic and Management Conference

On the 22nd  and 23rd of March, 2013 the Harsányi János Special Student Hostel organised the III. Harsányi János Economic and Management Conference, where the students from the Faculty of Economics, including students of Harsányi Special Stundent Hostel could present their research work and results.  The students did their research work with a university professor from September to February. These research works have several subjects, for example: International Economics, Project Management, Tourism or Marketing.
On the 22nd of March Dr. Lajos Szabó Acting Dean of the Faculty of Economic opened our conference and then Ferenc Karvalits the vice president of the Hungarian National Bank gave a presentation about the topic: Management in Crisis.
After Ferenc Karvalits’s presentation the students had the opportunity to present their work to the professional jury: one professor from the university and one person from a company: IIP, Tourinform, Beurer, Yara and AVIS.
On Saturday afternoon there was the announcement of results.

The winner from the MSc students was: Iván Varga (Relationship between Accounting and CSR).

From the BSc stundent the results:
1st place: Veronika Koós (Facebook privacy settings among university students)
2nd place: Marcell Kurbucz (Project Planning)
3rd place: Arnold Osvald (CSR in Hotels of Veszprém) and Balázs Boldoczki (Common Agricultural Policy)
Personally I think it was a really successful conference and all of the students can be proud of themselves, because they were very professional. Congratulations and see you next year!

Written by Cintia Szenteleki

The Department of Tourism at ITB Berlin

The Department of Tourism at ITB Berlin

The Department of Tourism at ITB Berlin

Six members of the Department of Tourism attended the ITB in Berlin, the World’s Leading Travel Trade Show as exhibitors with the RECULTIVATUR project. ITB is one of the biggest tourism fairs in the world which is proved by the numbers: 170,000 visitors among them 113,000 trade visitors, 110,000 represented companies from 180 countries. At the ITB the attendees had several tasks to do: meeting and getting to know the project partners, giving information to the audience whilst working at the stall, collecting information about other exhibitors for example about their religious tourism destinations and service providers, participating in relevant panels and presentations, and networking with other exhibitors. The trip was extremely successful, the group collected and gave a lot of information, created a good relationship with the project partners and gained useful knowledge to continue working on the project.
Written by Petra Németh-Gyurácz

Summer School

NévtelenManaging Tourism in the Time of Crisis

The Department of Business Administration and the Interdepartmental Program of Postgraduate Studies in “Tourism, Planning, Management and Policy” of the University of the Aegean organize the 1st International Summer School in “Managing Tourism in Time of Crisis” in Rhodes Island, on the 29th of May till the 2nd of June 2013. Scientific Coordinator of the Summer School is Dr. Theodoros A. Stavrinoudis, Assistant Professor in “Management of Tourism Enterprises” of the Aegean University. Distinguished Professors of European Universities will give lectures at the Summer School.

The Summer School is open to: students (undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students), young researchers, tourism entrepreneurs, executives and employees in the tourism sector and others, who wish either to enrich or to update their knowledge on current issues in tourism management and tourism enterprises, with particular emphasis in times of crisis.

For more information visit our website

or contact us:

Maria Flatsousi, E-Mail:
Dr. Theodoros A. Stavrinoudis, E-Mail: and

America Week 2013

Within the framework of the America Wweek (10-14 March) the University of Pannonia in collaboration with Nazareth College (Rochester, New York) organised a trip to Hungary for 12 American students and their teachers. Nazareth Colleage and the University of Pannonia have already maintainedbeen keeping up their relations for years as the two universities started a joint major course in Nazareth which is also available for Hungarian students. During the week the American as well as the Hungarian students and teachers gave presentations oin topics connected to the USA. We heard an extensive amount of information about the American music industry, entertainment, business, arts. and wWe also got acquainted with some of the problems the American society is facing nowadays, like illegal immigration to the US and racism. Besides these, the American students got an insight into the Hungarian hospitality in the homes of their host students and at the end of the week they took farewell of each other with a heavy heart keeping the unforgettable memories and friendships.

Fruzsina Nagy

Summer School in Lithuania

We would like to bring your attention to the annual Transparency International Summer School on Integrity that will take place on 8-14 July in Vilnius, Lithuania (

Over the past four years the TI School on Integrity has become a go-to event for senior students and young professionals from all over the world. Selected participants get a chance to learn from leading anti-corruption experts and put their ideas in practice with the help of School competitive action grants.



Leading Successful Teams course

We would like to recommend you a 3-credit course.
Professor Margaret Thompson from the Clayton State University (Atlanata, GA, USA) is going to hold an intensive course.

Topic: Leading Successful Teams
Schedule: 8-14 April, 8 am-12 am AND 15-16 April, 8 am -1 pm

Please apply in e-mail with sending your name, Neptun code, academic programme to Ms. Edit Komlósi,
The course will be registered in your Neptun.

Application deadline: 2 April 2013.

America Week

america week

11-14 March 2013

Venue: University of Pannonia, Building “B”, Conference Center, 3rd Floor

For the detailed programme click on the picture.

For the detailed programme click on the picture.

4th International Afternoon

4th International Afternoon

4th International Afternoon

Colours, flavours, experiences and fun. These words describe the atmosphere of the 4th International Afternoon, which was organised on 27 February. The event aimed to present students various opportunities to go abroad including study-abroad scholarships, internships within and outside Europe, shorter courses and summer programmes.

While the international fair was on in the main hall, the conference room hosted presentations on scholarships, which were followed by Hungarian students presenting their experiences from travelling abroad. Thus, we heard about the beauties and the difficulties of studying abroad. We learned that while we are happy with a grade 4 in Hungary, it would mean a fail in Portugal on the 20 grade scale. We also got some insight into the student life in the French capital, Paris. Not only the Hungarian but the university’s international students gave presentations about their own countries and they have confirmed or disproved some typical stereotypes: e.g. Finnish people really keep 2 metres distance apart while waiting for the bus, and the Czech Republic is not only the country for tasty beers but also offers lots of cultural opportunities.

What about the flavours? The international students prepared some delicious food for the visitors. The most exotic meal was the so called “Puff-Puff and Beans”, a Cameroonian breakfast which refers to a spicy bean sauce with a special kind of sweet donut. We also tasted Italian lasagne, Greek feta cheese pie, Turkish eggplant kebab, Finnish pancake, Czech cake and British orange-carrot cookies.

The World Travellers’ Club, the closing event of the afternoon, took us on a trip to Cameroon. Have you ever thought that the International Women’s Day is one of the biggest festivals in Cameroon when men and women are celebrating together?! The audience also learned that Cameroon produces coffee, tea and cocoa in large quantities but the locals only drink tea and they export almost the full amount of the produced coffee and cocoa to Europe.
The afternoon was both about the meeting of different cultures, and about the opportunities that we can take now while we are students.

Written by Janka Huják

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