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Immigropoly 2 The Migration Game – Play and learn!

Immigropoly 2
is a free online game about migration. The aim of this game is to take your selected character from different places of the world to the European Union via various routes. Read as much as you can throughout your journey about visited cities, astonishing places, migration as such, and the immigration policies of the EU. Thereby you can enrich your knowledge about migration, the different countries and cultures of the world and the European Union.

After registration and successful activation (, there is nothing else to do than choosing a likeable character and begin the game.

In the english version of Immigropoly2 game there are already 4 characters to play with!

CleanTech Challenge 2013

Join the CleanTech Challenge, meet students around the world and win 10.000£!

Cleantech plakát

My Pannon Experience

Poster by Peter Volf

Poster by Peter Volf

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