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FESSUD Final Conference, Brussels

FESSUD Final ConferenceA two-day event on Financialisation, Economy, Society and Sustainable Development:
– Tuesday 27 September will be dedicated to a reflection from a research perspective.
– On Wednesday 28 September, we will open the debate from a policy perspective.

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The FESSUD project will close 5 years of research about financialisation of our economy. It will present its main findings and policy recommendations for a financial system better serving the economy, society and the environment.

FESSUD brings together expertise from 14 leading universities across Europe and South Africa and PLS as the only civil society organisation to look afresh at how the financial system affects the world around us. This project has studied the growth and impacts of the financial system in Europe and offers recommendations to make the financial system work for society, the economy and the environment and not – as has sometimes been the case – the other way round.

The FESSUD project targets a wide public going from policy makers to representatives of the business sector, through civil society, to academics and citizens from the EU and beyond.

More information:

PhD Researcher at the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

UNWTOThe World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is the United Nations agency responsible for the promotion of responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism.

In 2016, UNWTO will continue the PhD Research Programme, successfully started in 2014, which will offer again two PhD students the opportunity to contribute to the UNWTO programme for Sustainable Development of Tourism (SDT). The main aim of this programme is to support research to advance the general knowledge and further broaden ones’ understanding about the importance of sustainable and resilient tourism at the international level.


SUBMISSION OF APPLICATIONS: All applications must include the following documents:

  • Curriculum vitae that includes your contact details
  • 1-2 page motivation letter
  • Linkages between PhD study and UNWTO research
  • Academic transcripts
  • Letter of support from PhD supervisor
  • All applications must be written in English

Applications will only be accepted if completed and according to application requirements. Applications should be submitted via email to the following address:

REFERENCE: PhD Researcher at the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

Important pointers for applicants:
Applicants are kindly requested:

  • To clearly indicate “PhD Researcher at the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)” on the motivation letter.
  • To avoid sending their application via multiple routes.
  • To refrain from contacting the Organization on the status of their application. Applicants who do not receive any feedback within three months of the deadline should consider their application as unsuccessful



Kőszeg KampuszDo you want to participate in the work of a research institute while pursuing a graduate degree?
If your answer is yes, apply NOW!

The Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg (iASK) is now welcoming applications for 4-month research scholarships in order to support excellent students in their studies and their early-stage research careers. The scholarships are renewable based on performance and academic excellence.

The amount of scholarship is 250.000 HUF/month from October 2016 to January 2017.

Applicants are expected to

1. register for one of the graduate programs at the University of Pannonia Kőszeg Campus and

2. join one of the research centres of iASK and participate in their interdisciplinary research programs under the supervision of iASK research fellows.

With this iASK aims to encourage prospective students to

  • work in an international and interdisciplinary academic environment
  • besides new knowledge and useful skills, get a unique experience in doing research
  • work on concrete research problems
  • experience a personal, tutorial relationship with professors as research colleagues

If you are a motivated student that would like to benefit from this offer, apply now.

We are expecting applications in two interdisciplinary fields:

iASKCULTURAL HERITAGE MANAGEMENT AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT with a focus on creative regions, historic cities, tourism, connecting the world of industry, commerce, and governance with education and science.

INTERNATIONAL STUDIES with a focus on globalisation and regional development, economic, environmental and social sustainability, global political economy and the impact of new information technologies.

We strongly encourage topics that specifically focus on Central Europe in a global context.


First step:
all applicants submit their application packages to their chosen graduate program by June 15 2016! (for the application package please consult
Second step: all applicants are to send a personal research statement with bibliography (2000 words) in English AND 2 letters of recommendation detailing the research potential of the applicant SIGNED and SEALED by the deadline June 31 2016

For more information, please check out BOTH websites:

All inquiries should be sent to Dr. Izabella Agardi at

Success at the XXXIIth National Youth Conference

At the XXXIIth National Youth Conference organised by Budapest Business School on 9-11 April 2015, the students received: two Pro Scientia Awards, two 1st prizes, six 2nd prizes and two 3rd prizes.

The list of awards:

Pro Scientia Award:

  • Attila I., KATONA – Supervisor: Zsolt T. KOSZTYÁN PhD. habil.
  • Marcell T., KURBUCZ – Supervisor: Zsolt T. KOSZTYÁN PhD. habil.

Gold Medal Award for Supervisors

  • Judit BADICS PhD.

1st prizes:

  • Attila I., KATONA – Supervisor: Zsolt T. KOSZTYÁN PhD. habil.
  • Marcell T., KURBUCZ – Supervisor: Zsolt T. KOSZTYÁN PhD. habil.

2nd prizes:

  • Nóra, FRIEDRICH – Supervisor: Petra, GYURÁCZ-NÉMETH PhD.
  • Éva, HEGEDŰS – Supervisor: Petra, PATÓ-SZŰCS PhD.
  • Attila I., KATONA – Supervisor: Zsolt T. KOSZTYÁN PhD. habil., Ildikó, NEUMANN-VIRÁG
  • Flórián, STRACK – Supervisor: Krisztina, PRISZINGER
  • Cintia, SZENTELEKI – Supervisor: Edit M., KOMLÓSI
  • Ákos, URBÁN – Supervisor: Annamária, SAS-GRÓSZ PhD.

3rd prizes:

  • Péter, RÉMESI – Supervisor: Judit, BADICS PhD.
  • Nóra, FRIEDRICH – Nikolett, HORN – Supervisor: Petra, GYURÁCZ-NÉMETH PhD.

Extra prizes:

  • Éva, HEGEDŰS – Supervisor: Petra, PATÓ-SZŰCS PhD.
  • Anikó, SÓDLI – Supervisor: Petra, GYURÁCZ-NÉMETH PhD.
  • Andrea, STRELITZ – Supervisor: Zsolt T. KOSZTYÁN PhD. habil.
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